The Copperchase Information Display System (IDS) has been developed as an ATC Intranet that is ready to be modified to suit the client’s individual requirements. The IDS has been designed to provide Intranet access to MET data, procedures, images, movements and personnel details using specific update utilities. The consistency of sensitive documentation may be protected; the Intranet blocks access to out-of-date material. The Intranet will run as an entity in itself or can be integrated into an airport's own Intranet for airport-wide access.

Taking advantage of widely used Internet software such as Windows™ Internet Explorer Web Browser, the Copperchase IDS exists to bring together all of the digitised documentation essential in the ATC Operational Watch Room.

Standard Features

Low Maintenance

Networks textual data from one master digital copy, thus minimising updating time and costs, and also reducing the opportunities for errors and confusion emanating from out-of-date hard copies.

On-line and Off-line

Offering the opportunity to access key documents and information from operational positions.

Simple, Tailored Navigation

Provides access to standard documentation or locally generated documents, such as MATS Pt 2 Aerodrome Manual and Emergency Orders.


Airport Document Resource

Important documents are stored electronically in one central location, giving access to all operational staff via the company network.

Ground Movements On-line Updates

When used with the Copperchase Flight Data Management System (FDMS) the IDS can provide up-to-the-minute access to ‘live’ traffic movement updates. Ground Handling can log on to the FIDS for details of flights.

Current ATIS and MET Display

The Copperchase ATIS makes the current ATIS transmission and the current MET report (METAR) available as a display page on the IDS.