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AFGATE – AFTN Message Distributor

by | Sep 28, 2023 | products & services

AFGATE – AFTN Message Distributor


 AFGATE provides a solution for airports requiring distribution and collection of messages to and from a central message switch. Messages can be routed by address or message type. The distributor assists with flight data management by automatically routing certain message types to specific terminals or printers.

At the same time you can prevent these peripherals from receiving unnecessary flight plan information. Use of AFGATE can also provide cost-saving benefits. It acts as a collection point for all messages, thus reducing leased line connections to a single location, without compromise to service.

The AFGATE supports the following systems and networks:

  • AFTN
  • LIDO
  • SITA
  • TCP/IP
  • Airfield Management Systems (AMS)
  • RADAR Display Systems
  • Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS)
  • Email
  • ATIS
  • FDMS


Modern Technology

AFGATE consists of Copperchase proprietary software running on a standard PC. The Copperchase hardware and software platforms are well proven through extensive use worldwide. An ongoing development programme ensures that the software keeps pace with technological advances. Having the same message processing functionality as AFTERM, it can also handle up to 8 serial connections with additional hardware upgrades and is supplied configured for each application.

User Friendly

The Man–Machine Interface (MMI) for AFGATE is driven by user-friendly menu systems based on Microsoft Windows™; it will be reassuringly familiar to the majority of users and intuitively simple to learn for those new to computers.

Standard Features

  • User-friendly, Windows™ based
  • Routing via address or message type
  • Selective auto-routing of specific message types to designated terminals/printer
  • System button bar for ease of access to AFGATE functions
  • Flight plan form-fill based on ICAO Doc.4444 includes auto-generation of standard data
  • AFTN message preparation, edit, print, archive and retrieval
  • AFTN format verification
  • Automatic journaling
  • Routing set-up for AFTN connection and two additional AFTN stations


This module supports local routing by message address and type (e.g. FPL, MET). This provides a significant benefit for users who only require specific data from the AFTN circuits, i.e. MET only or FPL. The routing tables can be changed online without stopping the system. The system handles local groups.

AFGATE Configuration

AFGATE can be used at sites that require an AFTN/SITA/LIDO connection with the option to provide multiple connections and message distribution to other users. AFGATE provides enhanced benefits and improved handling facilities for all messaging, including wider availability for TACT/CASA messages, NOTAMs and MET information. It provides connection to the main switching system using one or more circuits. The system allows for on-line configuration, which enables the user to make upgrades and any necessary changes while it is still in operation.