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1-16 (32) Channel A/B Data Switch

by | Sep 28, 2023 | products & services


  • The Copperchase A/B DataSwitch switches one of two 8-Pin RJ45 ports (A and B) to a common (C) input/out port, controlled automatically via a Remote Control port.
  • The AB DataSwitch has a port capacity of 16 (32, two units Cascaded) channels capable of being remotely gang switched to sides A or B.
  • The AB DataSwitch allows the 16 (32) channels to be configured in two independently switched Banks (Bank 1 or Bank 2), i.e.16 Channels = 4 on Bank1 + 12 on Bank2 OR 32 Channels = 16 on Bank1 + 16 on Bank2.
  • The AB DataSwitch connectors are of the RJ45 type.
  • The AB DataSwitch provides copper to copper contacts on all switched input/output pins.
  • Control of the unit is performed from external control signals.
  • The AB DataSwitch provides a dry contact alarms to allow monitoring software to determine whether the unit is still functional, PSU – PSU1 OK PSU2 OK.
  • The unit is completely passive and switching routes are via relay contacts.
  • The unit is powered from two redundant +24VDC power supplies.
  • In the event of a failure of the unit, the current state is latched, i.e. no switch over will be performed.


The A/B DataSwitch is housed in a 3U 19” rack-mountable unit containing AB Module circuit board cards.