30+ year's Experience

More than 30 year’s Experience Civil & Military Airports

Air Traffic Systems

Specialise in Air Traffic Control Communications and Data Management Systems

UK Leader

UK’s leading supplier of Air Traffic Control and Data systems

Commitment to quality

Commitment to quality from concept to completion

Copperchase: Leading Supplier Of ATC Systems

Copperchase Ltd

33 years serving the ATC Community. Copperchase is a leading supplier of systems, services and solutions to industries such as air transport, construction, procurement and logistical supply.

What we do



Copperchase have a dedicate team of software and computer engineers responsible for the comprehensive range of ATC systems



Copperchase can supply a wide range of bespoke and off the shelf hardware solutions for ATC systems.



Copperchase has gained vast experience in the selected market environment, making Copperchase ideally placed to deliver ATC projects.

Products & Services

Copperchase LTD

Copperchase provides innovative solutions based on the latest available technology’s…