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FDMS – Flight Data Management System


The Copperchase Flight Data Management System (FDMS) provides ATC staff (Departure and Approach Control) with a tool to manage flight information and the generation of flight strips. Utilising the communications and routing features of the Copperchase AFTN Router, the FDMS stores and automatically applies changes and modifications to flight plans received on the AFTN. Standard formatted strips are automatically printed at specific times prior to EOBT/ETOA and, if necessary, strips are reprinted with updated information at nominated positions.

The sophisticated level of user control is achieved through the use of a flight plan (FLP) database.On receipt of an FPL the information is extracted into the database and the FPL is assigned a strip reference number, which is shown on all subsequent flight strips.

Movement modification messages cause the strip amendment number to increase by one; this number is also displayed on subsequent flight strips. A received cancellation message causes all references to the flight to be removed from the database. The system will also print additional strips detailing callsign, cancellation time, type of flight (inbound/outbound) for circumstances such as “FLIGHT CANCELLED”, “FLIGHT DIVERTED” etc.

FDMS handles incomplete or inaccurate received messages simply and effectively by returning the message to an operator position and flagging it for their attention. The message can then be repaired, corrected and resubmitted to FDMS or discarded depending on the problem.

Wake Vortex Conversion

FDMS includes facility for the one-way conversion of Wake Vortex categories, the Wake Vortex database. Conversion is applied to all flight strip information displayed and printed by the FDMS. It occurs when the strips are generated or when aircraft type is amended by a received “Change” message. The conversion is applied to the flight strips generated by messages received over the AFTN.

Book-Out and Free Call Strip Editor

Strips for locally originated flights can be generated manually using a simple form-fill that duplicates the layout of the required strip.

Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) Aware

FDMS may be adapted to reflect the actual strategic and tactical repositioning of flights according to the dictates of the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) of Euro Control, by being aware of the CFMU message types that can modify the EOBT of a flight and, in some cases, suspend a flight. Used in conjunction with the Copperchase Departure Slot Monitor (DSM), FDMS provides ATC support staff with an invaluable accurate base of dynamic flight data.

Movement Log and Reports

The FDMS generates flight movements once a flight has expired in one of the defined final flight states. Since the flight record in the FDMS holds 90% of the information required for the generation of such a log this function is a natural extension to the functionality of the software application. The data records stored in the movement table require a number of manually entered data elements before the movement record is ‘complete’. The Controller will have entered the majority of these data elements onto the printed ‘hard-copy’ strip. This data is copied from the printed strip onto the movement record by an assistant.

This feature enables the following:

  • Provision of reports on the data in the movement table
  • Export of movement data to another data processing entity, such as an Airfield Management System, for billing.
  • Management and archiving of selected records in native database formats to named files.