Sales & Marketing Manager Air Traffic Systems Vacancy

Location: Copperchase Ltd, Cramlington Office

Job Description 

Updated on 02/04/2024



We are seeking an experienced and an enthusiastic and motivated individual skilled Sales & Marketing Manager for Air Traffic Systems to join our team at Copperchase facilities located in the UK, Cramlington Office. 

Copperchase has a perceived image in the ATC marketplace as an ‘AFTN Messaging’ company.  We have changed and today the reality is that we are far more than this with a basket of new and diverse products and services to offer the ATC community. If no one knows about this change then we are not going to be a successful business.

We require a Sales and Marketing Manager to introduce (Marketing creates awareness for a company’s products) and explain to the customer how the Copperchase wide range of products could be used within their operations and what the business benefits would be to the airport or operation. 

The business benefit might be expressed or described in terms of increased revenue, reduced costs or opening up new opportunities.  We operate within a highly competitive environment and increasingly we are seeing the entry of new competitors introducing new products or new technologies to apply to existing problems. 

In order to maintain a competitive position and introduce our expanded range of products and services to the marketplace we require a dynamic and motivated Sales Manager to be at the forefront of most company’s product strategies.

 The Role:

The Copperchase Sales & Marketing Manager will be responsible for all Sales activities within Air Traffic Systems worldwide. We require the Sales Manager to often call on UK customers to promote our products and to understand their specific needs, explain the benefits of our products an to negotiate a commercial agreement that is good for the customer and Copperchase.  For overseas clients the majority of this work can be done on the phone for by email although some overseas travel may be required.

It is expected that the Sales Manager will be able to handle all of the logistics related to the sales opportunity from a stock of standard documents and prices.  However, where an opportunity presents itself as too large of complex then it is expected that the Sales Manager will call for the assistance of the Copperchase experts and consultants to provide estimates, prices, documentation and guidance to the customer in setting a strategy, of in selection the best product. 

We require the Sales Manager to be the link between the customer and Copperchase, it is her/his function to anticipate and respond to the customers needs and offer solutions in the form of ATC products and services that Copperchase supply. 


 The Sales Manager will be required to work flexibly and at times unsociable hours, spending most of her/his time listening and talking to customers (networking), either on the phone or in person.  We require a mix of telephone/email and customer site based contacts, the precise nature of which will be determined by the size/value of the opportunity. 

In order to meet with the Copperchase customer base there is often a lot of travel and customer entertaining.  It is imperative that the Sales Manager seeks to better understand our customer needs by building relationships where both parties can trust each other. 

The nature of the ATC sector has created a highly competitive environment in favour of the customers. This means that the Sales & Marketing Manager has to have an in-depth knowledge of the market, the structure and organisation of the clients business and of the technological solutions available so as to be able to offer the best solution to the demands that arrive at her/his door.

Major Duties

  1. Promotion and Sales of Copperchase Air Traffic Systems Products and Services to the assigned territory of ATC/OPS market worldwide.
  2. To be aware of the full range of Copperchase Products and Services.
  3. Liaise and develop successful customer/Copperchase relationships.
  4. Maintain long term customer relationships through regular visits and communications.
  5. Produce quotations and proposals within defined company guidelines using Standard Product documentation and prices.
  6. To liaise with Technical Sales Support on Proposals when available.
  7. Manage the administration of Support Contracts.
  8. Maintain effective office-based hub for sales and support effort.
  9. To collaborate with the marketing firm engaged by Copperchase.

Responsibilities/ Objectives

  1. Prepare quotes and proposals within the company’s guidelines.
  2. Manage the administration of Support and Maintenance contracts.
  3. Ensure that quotations are well defined and appropriate to Copperchase resources, skills and expertise.
  4. Maintain relevant sales, quotation and customer databases.
  5. Working with the hired marketing company to develop and execute comprehensive marketing strategies to promote Copperchase ATC system products and services effectively.
  6. Collaborating with the hired marketing company to create and implement marketing campaigns, including digital marketing, advertising, and promotional activities, to increase brand awareness and generate leads.
  7. Managing the company’s online presence, including website content, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns.
  8. Monitoring and analysing the performance of the hired marketing company’s initiatives, tracking key metrics, and preparing regular reports to evaluate effectiveness and inform future strategies.


  1. Achieve annual sales deliverables target of 2.10M  within Air Traffic Systems.
  2. Maintain relationships with UK & Overseas clients.

3. Acquire new clients alongside the existing ones.

    Required Experience

    1. Good telephone manner, with the ability to inspire customer confidence.
    2. Ability to communicate effectively verbally, grammatically and electronically.
    3. Technical knowledge of ATC operations and company products
    4. A genuine interest in Aviation
    5. Be commercially aware and sales driven (motivated)
    6. Computer literate with MS Office applications
    7. Knowledge of the Aviation Market place