The Copperchase Small Voice Communications Control System (SVCCS) is targeted at the smaller regional airports market for voice communications market in the smaller regional airports. As a cost-effective system solution, the SVCCS provides complete ATC communications as follows:

  • Console (operator positions) to console.
  • Console to telephone connections.
  • Console to radio.
  • Connection to 8 radio channels (main and standby – 16 radios) and 16 telephone channels.

The SVCCS may also be used as a contingency/emergency system for larger VCCS installations (Emergency Handset Systems – EHS).

The system consists of a base system with remote consoles connected via standard Cat5 cable and external adaptor cards for conversion from the base control unit out to the external radio and telephony connections.

The SVCCS retains all audio in an analogue format to ensure ease of installation and commissioning and also to reduce fault issues applicable to UK CAA SRG. All call-status and lamp/switch field information is passed between consoles and from consoles to base using a high-speed 2W data communications method. This allows all consoles to pass information directly between units, regardless of the base system status, thus increasing system integrity and reducing failures due to single-point failure.

Operator Positions

The SVCCS has the capability to support eight operator consoles, all with equal priority for lines and emergency lines, using a single Cat5 cable per operator console.

Each console is connected directly to the system control unit via a standard 4pr Cat 5 cable. This allows a pair for all data traffic for routing and lamp/switching operation, two pairs for the headset (left and right ears) and one pair for the microphone. The console can be either a 19” rack-style construction, allowing it to be fitted to a standard 19” desk, or a modular P3 construction.

Each console has a switch matrix for telephone lines, radio main and backup, and inter-console communications. All keys are backlit and have four modes:-

  • ON Dim – Normal
  • Flashing Fast – I/C call
  • Flashing Slow – O/G Call
  • ON Bright – Call established


The SVCCS is capable of allocating up to 16 lines for a mixture of:

  • FXO – Emergency lines to Fire Service, etc.
  • FXS – Connections to external PSTN lines
  • PSTN connection only
  • Preset dialling – rotary switches or NVRAM
  • E&M – For all external private circuits (MBB, Gen-Gen, AC15 etc)
  • Radio – Connects to ground-to-air radio circuits
  • Audio Tx to radio
  • Audio Rx from radio
  • PTT from console
  • Squelch from radio
  • Optional side tone provided Tx to Rx (Link selectable)

Note 1

All audio ports are adjustable for volume on both Rx & Tx paths by separate ports on the external PCBs. The base unit presents all audio with a flat response in both directions for through and console-to-console communications.

Note 2

Cross-coupling can be provided on radio ports by means of a jumper cable between the relevant UHF and VHF interfaces.