News Letter Blocks

06 October 2021

Copperchase has deployed an MQ – AMHS Messaging Solution Upgrade to the ATC Messaging System at the Operations Centre of a leading Integrated Logistics Services Provider with operations in Zaventem, Brussels, Belgium.

Previously, Copperchase had supplied the company with an AFTN Messaging System interface to their newly installed (at the time) Lufthansa Integrated Dispatch Operation (LIDO) Fight Planning System. The system received ATC Messages from the AFTN and sent them to the LIDO system via the IBM MQ Middleware (and vice-versa).

The old system had undergone several modifications and updates; however, the system (originally W2000 Pro and Novell SFT III) was outdated and in need of a major upgrade. The upgrade provides a replacement for the old system and runs on the latest versions of the Linux Operating System. The replacement Linux Daemon is presented in a Virtualised, High-Availability mode and communicates via MQ (WebSphere) to the LIDO Flight Planning System and AMHS (X.400-IP, P3) to the Belgocontrol ATC Messaging Service. The new Linux system performs the same function as the old, only now it receives ATC Messages from the AMHS and sends then to the LIDO system via the encrypted IBM MQ Middleware.