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Copperchase – Eforsair & RCR

by | Sep 30, 2021 | news

Copperchase has come together with the Airport Operations Management company Eforsair to provide an end-to-end Runway Condition Reporting (RCR) solution (OPS to ATC).

Using the Eforsair Cloud-Based operational management software with its new module entirely dedicated to RCR, all the input elements required for the complete RCR/SNOWTAM production in the Global Reporting Format (GRF) are entered via your mobile data device (Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone). The resulting RCR is automatically linked to the Copperchase ATC Data System ATIS system through an API. Linking directly into ATIS allows complete dissemination of information. Using only a few simple steps, data is automatically integrated into the ATIS, the SNOWTAM is issued and sent on the ATC Data Network (AMHS/AFTN).

The Eforsair RCR module conforms with ICAO SARPS, this module is easy, intuitive, and allows complete production of RCRs by runway inspectors.


Easy to use

On the Eforsair App, the data input is presented to the user in a logical order. The application contains all of the input elements required for complete RCR/SNOWTAM production in the Global Reporting Format (GRF).

Automated calculation of the Runway Condition Code (RWYCC). 

By entering contaminant type, coverage rate and depth, the system automatically generates the correct RWYCC.  Error checks are applied for each entry.  Plain language remarks contain formatting restrictions to allow for clean data transmission.

Situational awareness section allows inspectors to input additional information on any airfield restrictions/hazards for runways, taxiways and aprons.

Historical RCR data

Data is stored in the Eforsair application in chronological order and ready for immediate retrieval. Data is stored for a minimum of 5 years on secure servers.

RCR data is also transposed onto a summary PDF and accessible in the application history, ready to download and print if necessary.

Share the RCR instantly

Other Eforsair users’ dashboard screens are immediately updated with the current RWYCC and alerted by a colour-coded system that varies according to the criticality of the runway status.

Send the RCR by e-mail

The notification system allows the RCR to be sent by e-mail to responsible persons if necessary.

Link the RCR to the Copperchase ATC Data System’s ATIS

Using a cloud-based API, the RCR is linked directly into the Copperchase ATC Data System where it is presented in the ATIS ready for transmission. The whole process only requires three simple moves – Runway Inspector, to Validation Manager(s), to publication.