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Emergency Handset System (Emergency Voice Communication System)


Emergency Voice Communications System


The Copperchase Emergency Handset System (EHS) or Emergency Voice communication System (EVCS) can be used in airports of all sizes, from small regional airports to the larger international airports. As a cost-effective system solution, the EHS provides complete ATC communications in the event of a failure of the main VCCS.

The system, based on the TCS990 Core system from MEP,  is of a modular design and is expandable to suit your requirements.


The EHS is fully independent from the main system.

Each console can provide full communications to external interfaces such as Radios, telephones, PABX etc. and is fully ED137 compliant.


Operator Positions

Each console is connected directly to the base control unit via a standard 4pr Cat 5 cable.

The console can be either a 3U x 19” rack-style construction, allowing fitment in to a standard 19” desk, or a modular P3 construction.

Each console has the capability to communicate with all radios and telephones.


Separate volume controls are available for Monitored channels and Active channels so that a level and balance suitable to the operator can be quickly and easily achieved.
Power Supplies

All consoles and interface equipment is designed to be powered from 24VDC and 230VAC, 120VAC and other DC combinations can also be accommodated. The standard system is supplied with all AC / DC supplies as specified by the user.


PSU inputs can be either AC/AC, AC/DC or DC/DC.