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Copperchase introduce the HAYSYS Direction Finding System for use as an Air Traffic Control (ATC) Navigational Aid at both Military and Commercial Airports.

The DF System uses the Doppler principle, coupled with advanced new digital algorithms, to provide the Air Traffic Controllers with the relative direction, in degrees, of a radio transmission and operates at both UHF and VHF frequencies for fixed Antenna applications.

The system provides an accuracy of better than 1 degree, achieving ICAO Class A Bearing accuracy with ease.

The system uses a modular approach to its configuration providing the ability to monitor up to 32 frequency channels on a single antenna and up to 15 displays.  This coupled with advanced Displays, displaying up to 4 frequency channels concurrently, including GIS Mapping and geo-referenced mapping, provides a truly scalable solution.

Interfacing with multiple RADAR displays, such as the Cobham Radar Displays, the Thales TopSky (previously known as Eurocat), ATM System and the EuroControl Asterix Part 31, Category 205 specification.