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Digital Voice Communications System

by | Sep 27, 2023 | products & services

The TCS990 is a fully digital switch special developed to comply to the specific needs for public safety, Air Traffic, Marine, ARBI and public addressing systems. The Switch is a flexible and highly scalable system. The smallest system can be made of one system and one interface card which enables 8 voice channels.

In the maximum configuration the system can support over 1000 voice or data channels. Through the use of programmable multiple PCM-slots the TCS990 are capable of delivering high quality broadband 7, 10 and 20 KHz audio.

The switch supports the following interface standards: Ethernet, ISDN basic and primary rate, 64Kbit lines (G.703 and X.21), 2/4w analogue leased lines, POTS (FXO and FXS). The TCS990 is a non blocking distributed switch with unlimited audio mixing capabilities. The switch can be supplied with a voice logger and last call recorder. The proven star-point architecture eliminates the risk of interconnection failures experienced with ring based systems. Redundant power-supplies, servers and bus-signals guarantee high availability and ensure that fail-safe operation is maintained at all times. Telephone, intercom, radio, conference, relays, retransmission, simulcast and best signal selection are standard features. Build in self-tests, the use of hot-swappable modules and the use of service (remote) terminals ease the service and maintainability of the systems. The system control and management software is a powerful tool for configuring the system resources and operational modes. The system can be supplied with key-pad or touch-screen operator positions.

Gateway to Communications

The TCS990 is a fully digital switch specially designed to meet the needs of operators working around the clock in mission-critical situations. This is our third generation of voice switch. Its design is based on twenty years of experience in building voice switches. The switch supports external IP or telecom networks, remote line interfaces and a variety of operator panels. A powerful CMS tool enables the configuration and maintenance of the system. State of the art technology has allowed us to create a voice switch with the following properties.

An Operator Panel for Every Size

Different kinds of telecom systems require different kinds of operator panels. MEP has developed a wide variety of panels to meet the system requirements for each type of telecom market segment.