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Crash Alarm System


The Copperchase Hotline6 Crash Alarm System is a rapid-access, direct-line, telephone alerting system. The system can be configured to automatically make up to six simultaneous outgoing calls from the controller when the handset is lifted; alternatively, it can be set so that the appropriate line key has to be pressed. The LEDs adjacent to each button reflect the call status: flashing green for outgoing, flashing red for incoming, and solid green for a call established. This allows the user to determine exactly who is on-line and listening to the instructions. Links will also be set against each user to determine whether they have “talk and listen” or “listen only” ability.

Housed in a 3U panel with a controller handset and buttons/LEDs for each remote party, the system connections to the remote sites are presented from the Hotline6 in E&M format (common tie line standard). These can be converted to the signalling protocol required by the far end telephony equipment using standard external signalling units to convert from E&M to AC15, FXS, FXO, Magneto, SCDC etc. These standards could all be used on a direct connection for linking from the remote site to the local controller’s panel. Where the system needs to connect to a standard PSTN, a similar unit will be utilised but with the addition of an autodial module. This will be programmed to dial a specific number when a call is initiated by the controller.