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Copperchase have been appointed as an authorised reseller of Sennheiser headsets.

Since Sennheiser was founded in Germany in 1945, they have been shaping the global audio industry with their revolutionary technological discoveries. These days, their inspired innovations, intellectual curiosity and passion for what they do ensures their products and services are enjoyed at the highest quality wherever people broadcast and listen to audio in the ATC sector.

Sennheiser’s new, innovative ATC headsets feature an active electronic system to protect you from disruptive or even harmful acoustic signals before they can distract you for unimpaired maximum communication and physical wellness. Sudden, loud disruptive signals can occur anytime in voice radio traffic. Not only can they disturb communication in decisive moments, they also pose physical dangers to the operator’s hearing. This problem has been solved with the ActiveGard™ technology developed by Sennheiser. This patented protection system automatically attenuates any noise peaks once they transcend the sensitive mark of 105 dB before they can reach the ear and affect the operator.

Paul Boydell (Managing Director of Copperchase) said “Sennheiser are a leading provider of headsets in the ATC marketplace and we look forward to our association with them. We are currently looking at some new headsets that are of the usual and expected high quality of Sennheiser but at an even more competitive price.”

Sennheiser headsets (HMD27 & HME27)

Sennheiser headsets (HMD46 & HME46)